Moving with Fragile, Valuable Items: How to Do It Safely and Secure

Moving with Fragile, Valuable Items: How to Do It Safely and Secure

Moving With Fragile And Valuable Items

Moves are stressful. There is a lot of packing, unpacking, and re-arranging involved in the process. But what if you have fragile or valuable items? The best way to transport them safely during a move is by hiring professional movers from Tower Moving Company with experience in handling delicate items.

What kind of items are considered fragile or valuable? These are the things that can be easily broken such as glassware, china and porcelain dishes, mirrors. Valuable Items: art pieces (paintings), heirloom furniture.

How to handle these types of items during the move? First, use bubble wrap/packing paper for breakables; place with care in boxes when packing up valuables like artwork and fine antiques with a “fragile” sticker attached by your moving company if possible on all sides. Avoid handling them too much – do not carry heavy objects over long distances. Remember to unpack delicate items first so they don’t get damaged being packed away again later!

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What should you look for when hiring a professional mover? You want to request the company’s policy on handling fragile items. If they do not have one, this may be a red flag and it is advised to use another service provider that has experience in transporting these types of belongings safely. Some movers will also provide insurance coverage for your valuable/fragile objects if necessary which is an added bonus!

Do yourself a favor and hire professionals with background or training in moving valuables – whether by choice or necessity. Make sure to ask about their policies regarding packing up delicate items so there are no surprises later down the line while unpacking at your new destination.