Diabetes: What You Need to Know

Living with Diabetes: A Journey One Step at a Time

It was a chilly day in February. I woke up feeling sick to my stomach, and not quite sure what was going on with me. After many doctor visits, tests, and sleepless nights of worry, I got the call that changed everything: “You have diabetes.” The next few months were full of overwhelming emotions and new challenges as I learned how to live with this diagnosis. Diabetes is something that happens gradually for most people – you don’t get it all at once! This blog post will walk you through the steps I took one step at a time on my journey living with diabetes. The Best place to sell diabetic test strips is your best chance to get the best deals.

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-Step One: Diagnosis and managing my blood sugars. I found that a lot of the diabetes books in the library don’t have much information on what it means to live with this diagnosis, so there were some things I had to figure out for myself. The first few weeks after my diagnosis, when I was still very unsure about how having diabetes would change my life, proved challenging but also provided opportunities for me meet new people who shared their experiences with living with this condition. **I met someone at work who has been living with type two diabetes since they were diagnosed as an adolescent. They told me all sorts of practical strategies like eating enough protein each day (which is critical if you want your body to be able to produce enough insulin to keep your blood sugars in check) and eventually becoming more active on their diabetes forum. They also shared that they had learned how important it is for them to take care of themselves mentally as well as physically and emotionally. **

-Step Two: Adjusting my diet for a healthy lifestyle change. I think the hardest part about getting diagnosed with type two diabetes was learning what “well balanced” really means when it comes to food! It can be hard because there are so many different opinions out there, from doctors (who recommend eating small portions at every meal), friends who say carbs are terrible and should never touch bread again, family members who have lost weight by cutting down drastically on sugar intake.

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