Ten Things to Do in Indianapolis

Things to do in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is a fun place to visit with its bustling nightlife, booming shopping districts and exciting sports teams. Here are some things to do in Indianapolis:

Visit the Indiana State House- This beautiful building has been around since 1836 and it’s worth checking out for its architecture alone! Here you can see the State Capitol, the Senate Chamber and much more.

It’s also important to explore Indianapolis’ rich history by visiting some of its historic sites like the Egyptian Room at Butler University and Eli Lilly House in Downtown Indy. Both are filled with interesting artifacts from their respective eras while showing off architectural prowess

Visit Monument Circle- With a beautiful view of downtown Indianapolis on one side and gorgeous landscaping, this is a great spot for picnics! There are plenty of spots to grab an ice cream or coffee too if you need that caffeine fix after exploring all day long.

Things To Do In Indianapolis

Museums abound in Indianapolis so it can be easy to get overwhelmed when trying to decide which ones you want to visit.

Experience Indianapolis’ rich history at the Indiana War Memorial Museum- The museum features items from World Wars I and II as well as memorials for veterans of all wars.

See an Indy Eleven game- If you’re a soccer fan, then this is your chance to experience professional soccer in America’s heartland.

Indianapolis Zoo- The Indianapolis Zoo offers more than 300 acres of land for visitors and is home to thousands of animals from around the world, representing 800 species including endangered ones like black rhinos, snow leopards, orangutans and giant pandas. It’s also home to one of only four indoor rainforests in America where guests can experience all sorts of strange animal behaviors right here at home.

Tour Conner Prairie, one of the best living history museums in the U.S., where you’ll experience what it was like for people who lived on and around the Wabash River during American pioneer times (1830s). You can also take a ride with our horse drawn carriages!

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