The Complete Guide to Draining Your House: System and Connection

The Complete Guide to Draining Your House: System and Connection

How to Connect Your House to the Draining System

Draining your house is a common practice for many people in the United States. Draining can help prevent mold and other problems that may occur when water is left to stagnate in your pipes or underneath your home. Foundation Repair in Rockwall TX offers a drainage connection service, so you never have t worry about those issues!

This process involves two main parts: the system and the connection. The first part of this process is your drainage system, which can be an underground or surface drain that takes water away from your house. If you need to know how a drainage systems works, check out our blog post about them here .

The second part of draining your home is connecting it correctly to avoid any issues with leaks or disconnections! This process varies depending on if you have a standard septic tank (which we talked about in detail here ), or if you’re using a French Drain System.

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Standard septic tank systems require you to connect the system in a specific way in order to avoid problems. Your drain pipe will need to be connected at least 15ft away from your septic tank, and it should flow downhill towards this connection point (to prevent pooling).

French drain system is one of the best ways to drain your home. It is much easier to install than a standard septic tank, and much less expensive too! The main idea behind this system is that it creates an underground area for water to flow into (its drain), then the surrounding soil filters out any harmful bacteria. By using surrounding rocks or gravel as part of your drainage system design you will prevent clogging in both your pipe connections and within the French Drain System itself.

These drains are useful anywhere where there is excess moisture around your home – near pools, under patios, etc…but they can also be used instead of a standard septic tank if need be! However, keep in mind that these systems only work well with free-draining soils so adding some gravel or crushed stone beforehand may help create better drainage.

A final note on French Drain Systems is that they are usually installed with a sump pump inside the drainage system to help push water away from your house if it starts to accumulate too much, which can prevent potential flooding!